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Service Usage Guidelines
This service can be used to verify the authenticity of certificates, transcripts and diplomas issued by the Arab American University as of July 2013. Each of these documents has a unique Verification Code printed on the right-side border. This code must be entered in the form on the right in order to check authenticity of the document. To prevent automated checks and potential hacks, a CAPTCHA should also be entered exactly as it appears in the box.
If the document is authentic and the verification code was entered correctly, then the service displays a plain monochrome copy of the certificate. A “COPY” watermark is superimposed on top. Now, the user of this service can manually verify the paper-based copy against the online one. If the verification code was entered incorrectly or the certificate was not authentic then the following message is displayed “Verification Code Not Found”.
We highly appreciate it if you let us know of any forged documents allegedly issued by the Arab American University or in case of any problem while using the service through email
[email protected].
• Authentic certificates are protected by multiple security features cited on the backside.
• The session is logged.
• This service should not be used to reproduce the retrieved document in any form either printed or otherwise.
Certificate Authenticity Check Service نظام التحقق من صدقية الشهادات